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    As a business coach and M&A advisor for entrepreneurs we help you make your dream come true. With focus on your personal ambitions, the strategy of your company and the financing of your plans. For those moments when it really comes down to it, when doubt strikes or just a pile of work must be done. The moments of truth! At your ambitious start, a daring takeover, the desired growth or the inevitable sale or transfer of your company.

    Our training courses and inspiration sessions will help you quickly on your way at these moments. If you want to gain even more momentum and achieve depth, you can call us for personal guidance from one of our business coaches or M&A advisors. We focus exclusively on your interests as an entrepreneur. Shoulder to shoulder: reliable, challenging and committed.


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    Some of our valued customers.

    • strategic plan to grow fast

      An international software company with a successful SAAS solution wants to continue its rapid growth and thereby further professionalise the organization. Your own Venture has guided the entrepreneurs in drawing up a strategic plan for the upcoming years. Every quarter we organize a challenge on the progress of the implementation.

    • Scenarios to sell the company

      The shareholders want to sell their software company but have no idea how this works and what the possibilities are. Your own Venture has provided shareholders with insight into the type of buyers, alternative ways of selling and determining factors for the valuation. Based on the choices of the shareholders, they are guided by Your own Venture in the sale process and close the deal of a lifetime.

    • right positioning and new impetus

      The entrepreneurs who have been active for years are in danger of being overtaken by new technological developments. The energy runs out a bit and new ideas die a silent death. Your own Venture has worked out a new strategic positioning with the entrepreneurs and is now guiding this comprehensive change process.

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    What does a business coach do?

    Trusted advisorAs a business coach we like to be at your side when doing business. We help you draw up a clear business strategy, with difficult choices that need to be made. Or by making the most of growth opportunities that you might pass up. You may think: I have enough experience I can do this myself. However the valuable thing about a business coach is that he or she looks along with an independent view. There will be certain pitfalls that our business coach knows about based on the large and broad entrepreneurial experience. In our role as a business coach we are, amongst others, inspired by the well-known work 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' by Stephen Covey and the perhaps lesser-known 'The Trusted Advisor' by David Maister.

    Business coaching is not just about giving advice, it goes much further. A business coach is involved in the whole process, so we can fully empathize with your business and help you as best as we can. Not only in terms of content and financial issues, but also focusing on the person behind the entrepreneur. Even in difficult times, when problems arise. Trust is important and that is why we have an exclusive focus on your interests as an entrepreneur.

    Why a M&A advisor?

    Our M&A advisors can help you grow your business extra, by acquiring other companies. Or in the complicated process or selling your own company. Often, there is far more to it than you think upfront. With our experienced M&A advisors  you will go through all the steps necessary to make sure the process goes smoothly. During this process you yourself will probably be too emotionally involved with the company. You run the risk of not seeing the big picture. Our M&A advisors have an independent and sober view on the situation.

    Inspiration from our daily practice.

    As a business coach and M&A-advisor for entrepreneurs we come into contact with them on a daily basis. Each with their own opportunities and problems. Issues that often determine the future of the company and entrepreneur. We would like to share our knowledge, experiences and new developments with you in these blogs. So that you recognize the moments of truth in time and take the right action.

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    The right business coach and M&A advisor.

    Are you looking for a business coach or M&A advisor? Quite a challenge due to the large number of consultants and coaches who are active in the market. As Your own Venture, we are different from many others. Of course, you will only really experience the value of Your own Venture, our coaches and advisors, when you start working with us. We believe it is important in our services to:

    • to remain constantly alert to creative and alternative solutions or opportunities;
    • to always keep an eye on the interests of the entrepreneur, from a business- ánd personal perspective;
    • to focus not only on the current issue but to put long-term interests and relationships first;
    • to discuss obvious matters, sensitive subjects and risks.

    A trustful relationship with your business coach or M&A advisor.

    Our business coaches and advisors are all experienced entrepreneurs. We have personally experienced what it is like to be an entrepreneur. The freedom and space, but also the responsibility and challenging moments. As a business coach, we are your trusted advisor and sparring partner for all issues that may arise: personal questions, issues with fellow shareholders, financing issues, strategic choices, etc. We are always available for you, for small and large questions, complex processes and simple direct feedback. Not floaty, but practical and result-oriented.

    Our commitment and our pricing.

    In a personal meeting we will discuss the specific questions you are facing as an entrepreneur. Naturally in complete confidence! Immediately in that conversation we will continue to ask questions and where necessary challenge your assumptions. All with the aim of giving you the best possible advice at the end of such a conversation about the best next steps to take, what you are going to achieve and what costs are involved.

    Everything is negotiable for us. From a simple hourly rate for ad-hoc coaching, to a fixed price to create a business plan and a success fee if we assist you with the sale of your company. You have our commitment!

    The Netherlands in business.

    The Netherlands have an excellent business climate, currently ranked forth on the Global Competitiveness Index. High level of education, good legal system, lots of investment capital, excellent infrastructure, innovative and internationally oriented. The number of companies is therefore growing steadily; from small (2-50 employees), medium (50-250), large (250-500) to very large (>500). What is stopping you?

    Very large

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