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Origin of YoV Capital I.


We noticed in the advisory practice of Your own Venture that securing financing plans of early-stage companies is still difficult. Investors often ignore companies with a limited track record in terms of financial results. From our large network we are able to select the potentially future star-performers from the multitude of start-up companies. We are happy to help these entrepreneurs make their dreams come true through the contribution of capital and our knowledge and experience. That is why we have taken the initiative to set up YoV Capital investment fund with a capital of €2,000,000 in collaboration with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( "Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland" ) and ten business angels.

Added value.

The YoV Capital investment fund distinguishes itself from other investors by:

  • Active involvement of the fund management and the ten business angels affiliated with our fund. All experienced entrepreneurs who are still fully active in the market;
  • Our belief in the importance of diversity and more women in decision-making positions for better strategy making and more successful execution;
  • The collaboration with Your own Venture, which means that even more knowledge, skills and experience and the use of smart tools is available;
  • Our large network, which enables us to arrange additional co-financing where necessary and the access to potential future exit candidates for the company.

Selection criteria.

The following criteria apply to companies in which our fund will invest:

  • Company based in the Netherlands;
  • The company reached its first commercial turnover 7 years ago at the earliest;
  • The company has not previously obtained private financing from a professional investment company;
  • Diversity in the team of founders and key contributors.

Target of YoV Capital investment fund.

We mainly focus on companies with a scalable technological application in one of the following fields:

  • in the medical sector;
  • sustainability;
  • smart digitization.

Intended results .

YoV Capital I is expected to enter into 6 participations with an average investment of €350,000 per participation and a maximum (staged) investment of €500,000 for an individual investment. Supplemented where necessary with co-financing from third parties. The objective is to realize an average yield multiple of 2 in collaboration with the entrepreneur within the investment period of on average 5 years.

Fund management.


Henk de Boer

Henk de Boer studied Economics, Management & Finance (University of Groningen). As an entrepreneur, Henk has developed various (software) products, services and propositions and launched them in a scalable and successful way on the market. In addition, many years of international experience as a member of the board of a large technology company. Since mid-2015, active for several years as a partner at a Venture Capital company with a focus on early-stage and growth companies. Made several successful investments himself, both in private equity funds and directly.

Renske de Bruin

Renske de Bruine studied International Business and Management Studies in Bangkok (Thailand) and Amsterdam with a minor in entrepreneurship. After five years in the IT world at various companies, Renske has become active as an entrepreneur and has developed several software products and propositions in healthcare. With her former digital care company Winq, she has been named 'Start-up of the year' by Computable and named 1 of the 50 most inspiring women in technology (InspiringFifty).

Arjen Schutte

Arjen Schutte studied Business Informatics and Business Administration (organization & strategy). Arjen has led several IT and consultancy companies as CEO for many years. By carrying out a large-scale management buy-out, Arjen became active as an entrepreneur himself in 2014 and has since (co-)founded various companies. Your own Venture was founded in mid-2019 and in that capacity as an advisor involved in the strategy development and business takeover of many companies.

Portfolio companies YoV Capital investment fund.

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