Moments of truth for entrepeneurs

6 July 2023

New initiative

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We offer something new, something extra to enterprising Netherlands!Our investment fund YoV Capital for early stage tech companies has started. In the advisory services provided by Your own Venture to entrepreneurs, we noticed that this ...

Strategic plan for entrepreneurs
15 June 2021

To plan or not to plan?

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Entrepreneurs are just like people. Often restless, enterprising and decisive. But sometimes also thoughtfully, systematically or very creatively. While one only wants to set up new initiatives, the other loves to structure and scale up....

24 November 2020


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“What does your company actually do?” How do your customers and future customers view your product or service? Do you know it? “That is clear, isn’t it?” You hear often. Or: “Just look at my website, it is all there”. Well, usually not. ...