Moments of truth for entrepeneurs

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A golden future for the entrepreneur

Are you also full of good intentions? Full of ideas and plans for the new year? From surviving to limitless…
9 January 2024
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Business plan 2024

Do you have time for a short demo? Most of your colleagues have probably been back from holiday for some…
3 October 2023
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The power of a diverse team

In our opinion, a diverse team of founders and key personnel is a determining factor for the success of your…
29 August 2023
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New initiative

We offer something new, something extra to enterprising Netherlands!Our investment fund YoV Capital for early stage tech companies has started.…
6 July 2023
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A business coach keeps you on track

Your agenda is overcrowded and every free space is immediately filled with unexpected things that require your attention. At the…
1 November 2022
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Ode to entrepreneurs

Time flies! Your own Venture has now been in action for 3 years and we have been able to help…
24 May 2022
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Strategy with the OGSM

Imagine the following. You are a driver of the Paris-Dakar rally. You are full of fire at the start. You…
23 February 2022
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Eat and be eaten

Yes, you read that right: eat ánd be eaten. Not in every sector, It’s a ‘survival of the fittest’. Where…
20 October 2021
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Strategic plan for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are just like people. Often restless, enterprising and decisive. But sometimes also thoughtfully, systematically or very creatively. While one…
15 June 2021
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Do something!

Beaten up by setbacks? Without ideas after so many years of being an entrepreneur? Lifeless due to private concerns? We…
15 April 2021
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Stick to the strategy

An entrepreneur who sticks to his or her strategy. It sounds so nice and powerful from the (digital) soapbox: “stick…
8 March 2021
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Accounting lessons from the entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs have a love-hate relationship with their financial administration. It’s just not their thing, they don’t have the patience…
11 January 2021
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“What does your company actually do?” How do your customers and future customers view your product or service? Do you…
24 November 2020
Featured image for “Financial planning in times of crisis”

Financial planning in times of crisis

Many entrepreneurs have gratefully tackled the government’s financial lifebuoy. All attention is focused on finding enough cash to survive now.…
16 November 2020
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What to do now?

Imagine: You have a thriving business. Then Covid strikes. With the right actions you get through the first wave well.…
27 October 2020
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A little bit in love

You have fallen in love with one of your competitors. How do you get in touch? What can you expect?…
12 October 2020
Featured image for “StartUp and ScaleUp: take an Advisory Board!”

StartUp and ScaleUp: take an Advisory Board!

What if the kick-and-rush of a StartUup diminishes? What if the euphoria of starting a business turns into doubt or…
28 July 2020
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The sales is not performing

It is just like the striker in the football team. The expectations are high, there can be no misunderstanding about…
7 July 2020
Featured image for “Help, the bench fills up”

Help, the bench fills up

For many consultancy and secondment companies, the demand for their services is now very difficult to estimate. Clients step on…
8 June 2020
Featured image for “Networking during Corona”

Networking during Corona

Many entrepreneurs find – whether during Corona or not – networking difficult. However, networking is essential, especially right now. Why?…
11 May 2020
Featured image for “Should we stick to what we are good at?”

Should we stick to what we are good at?

The crisis hits many entrepreneurs hard. A sudden drop in demand of 30% or more. Responding quickly is a must…
17 April 2020
Featured image for “Scenario thinking in uncertain times”

Scenario thinking in uncertain times

The impact of the corona virus on companies is enormous, but also very diverse. Where one sees acute cash problems,…
18 March 2020
Featured image for “The clock speed of the company”

The clock speed of the company

The processor is the beating heart of your computer. The higher the clock speed, the faster the processor is and…
25 February 2020
Featured image for “Entrepreneurship = human work”

Entrepreneurship = human work

It is already more than three years ago that Jan Terlouw gave his glowing speech at DWDD about a decreasing…
21 January 2020
Featured image for “Time to reflect”

Time to reflect

How is your business? Typically such a question that you get at the Christmas dinner. Can you tell your latest…
16 December 2019
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Just a little bit different

You usually fish with many competitors in the same pond. And just like with real fishing, the difference between success…
25 November 2019
Featured image for “Boring strategic planning?”

Boring strategic planning?

The leaves are falling off the trees again and we have to write strategic plans for the coming year. A…
17 October 2019
Featured image for “Plenty of ideas”

Plenty of ideas

There are moments when you are overflowing with new ideas to boost your business. And often exactly when you are…
23 September 2019
Featured image for “Ready for the jump?”

Ready for the jump?

When are you ready to start your own business? Or to launch a proposal for a buy-out from your business…
28 June 2019
Featured image for “The right match”

The right match

Many entrepreneurs look for follow-up and / or sale of their life’s work. No problem, you might think. On the…
28 June 2019