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You have made the decision and want to start your own business. Enough ideas and the adrenaline sprays through your veins. You are determined to create something beautiful. And then? How do you turn the idea into a good plan and how does this plan become reality? Ideas often die in beauty and only a small portion is turned into a truly successful business. Years later you still fool yourself that you did not go through. We at Your own Venture are happy to help you realize your dream. For us, the kick is to be able to make a meaningful contribution to your success. We focus on scalable companies that have the potential to achieve a profitable turnover of at least €500.000,- within a few years.

Adventures of our business coaches.

  • from scratch

    Plenty of ideas and plenty of opportunities, but how do you turn that into a business? That was the question of the aspiring entrepreneur. Your own Venture has helped to focus and create a compact business plan. We meet monthly to discuss current issues and to keep the entrepreneur sharp.

  • management buy-in

    An experienced manager has the ambition to start her own company. By buying into an existing company and managing that company, she can make a flying start. Your own Venture helps to clarify the wishes and guides the buy-in proces.

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