Inspiration session 'sell your company'

  • I want to understand the process of selling my company

  • I want to get a feel for the financial value of my shares

  • I want to gain knowledge about the many variants in type of sales deals and acquisition constructions

Then the inspiration session 'sell your company' is spot on for you!

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Target group: entrepreneurs and business owners who are considering selling or transferring their business.

With our inspiration session 'sell your company' we inspire you in a compact and interactive way about all aspects and variants of a business sale or -transfer. Due to the confidential nature of a company sale, we only offer an exclusive in-company version of this inspiration session for you and your possible co-shareholders.

What you can expect from the inspiration session 'sell your company':

  • Understanding the complexity of a business takeover/transfer

  • State of art ideas for the sale or transfer of your own company

  • Appealing practical examples about other companies

  • Sufficient knowledge to draw up a concrete planning for the sale or transfer of your company

  • Sufficient knowledge to make well-founded choices about how you will organize the sale or transfer of your company

  • Optionally: we offer you additional guidance in the further realization of your company sale or transfer.

Registration for inspiration session 'sell your company':

Planning 1 half-day
Number of participants Maximum 5 participants
In Company Exclusively for you and any co-shareholders
Costs € 950
Data en locatie In consultation; evening hours also possible
Preparation You will receive a questionnaire in advance. This way we can prepare ourselves in a targeted manner and our inspiration session becomes as valuable as possible; specific to your situation and company.
NB all costs are exclusive of VAT
Registration for the inspiration session