Scale up your company.

You've made a great start and your business is running smoothly. You're ready to scale up your company. But the worries are mounting. How do I keep the organization manageable? What to do to stay ahead of the competition? How should I continue to accelerate? What will this growth cost and how can I finance it? What processes and systems do I want to implement? These are big questions to take in account when you steamroll through from small to medium-sized enterprise and beyond.

Your own Venture helps prioritize, define and implement, so that there is a clear and feasible plan ahead and strength for implementation. Call us for your personal guidance by one of our business coaches. You can also first participate in our entrepreneurship inspiration session. In one half-day you will then get a clear picture of what successful entrepreneurship requires of you. Or get started with your own business plan. With our compact training business plan you will gain clarity about your ambition, goals, strategy and key actions in the short term!

Continues innovation and growth hacking.

The lean startupGrowing your business requires a good product for a market that is genuinely interested in it. From this basis you continue in a constant process of innovation. As Eric Ries describes it so beautifully in his groundbreaking book 'the lean startup'. You want to learn what your customers really want. You do experiments and constantly test your vision and adjust where necessary. Sometimes this even requires a fundamental change of your previous plans; a pivot.

Marketing and sales play a crucial role in this. In addition, traditional marketing is increasingly making way for a process of growth hacking. Growth hacking wants you to continuously grow your business through a data-driven approach based on experiments.

Scale up your company by motivated employees.

Motivated employees are the key to success. Expert employees who are passionate about their work are worth their weight in gold. Not only are they more productive, but also more creative and they think along better. Recruiting, developing and retaining talent should therefore be high on the agenda of every entrepreneur. Especially in these times of great shortage of good personnel. Invest in your employees with enthusiasm, involve them in your plans and let them think about the future of your company. It helps to properly orientate yourself on the many alternative options for rewarding and motivating your employees.

Scale up your company? Cash is king!

Cash is the lubricant for your company and the basis for further growth of your company. Most entrepreneurs have something of a financial forecast for the turnover they hope to achieve. The current costs per month are often also visible. However, a valid forecast of the costs for the next few years that matches the turnover expectation is usually lacking. It becomes even more difficult to make an adequate cash forecast that shows exactly how much money you can expect in the bank account at any point in time. Yet such a cash forecast is crucial for a company that wants to grow. If finances are not your thing, we are happy to help you introduce some simple models for this.

Your cash forecast also shows when you need how much extra money. This forms the basis for credit agreements with the banks, additional investments from external parties or alternative forms of financing. Let yourself be carefully informed about this and involve us in time to help you arrange the right financing.

What our clients say:

Gaby en Bruno Lenarduzzi

"The entire process of selling our company Prefab Beton Soest was taken care of by Your own Venture. The introductory discussions, marketing, the next steps and final settlement. Arjen and Ferry guided us in this professionally, with integrity and with great commitment. We listened carefully to our wishes and acted in our interests and those of the company to be sold. We are more than satisfied with Your own Venture and can highly recommend the company."

Gidion Peters

"Arjen from Your own Venture supervised the sale of my company Organize Agile. Arjen's knowledge of the market, M&A and excellent network have made this a successful process. Finding a new owner who really fits our DNA and conducting productive acquisition discussions would have been much more difficult without Your own Venture.
When selecting a party to supervise the M&A process, it quickly became clear that the traditional agencies in this area could not provide the involvement and customization of Your own Venture. That's why I'm still happy with this choice. Thanks Arjen!"

Marjan en Eric Kemperman

"We sold our training company PCO Kennis BV in 2023.
We started the company about 18 years ago and developed into a niche player in providing education and training in the field of project management and control.
Before and during the sales process, we were guided by Arjen Schutte who found a suitable takeover candidate for us. Arjen took a lot of work off our hands and was a trusted advisor and sparring partner throughout the entire process.
We had a very pleasant experience and it was very useful to be guided by Your own Venture and we are very satisfied with the collaboration, which ultimately yielded a great result."

Bert Boonstra

"Your own Venture guided us in the sale of our company Unexus and the preparation for it. In a number of sessions, the options were discussed in detail, a plan was drawn up, actions were initiated to prepare the company for sale, etc. When the time came, they drew up the request, invited parties and provided information. They guided and advised us very well during the negotiation process and conducted the negotiations and took a lot of work off our hands. Both Arjen and Henk are knowledgeable in their own areas and pleasant to work with. This has led to a great result for us.

I can therefore highly recommend Your own Venture for similar projects!"

Jan Schuurman

"Through a number of sessions spread over a longer period, Your own Venture helped me develop my company's business plan (Schuurman HR Advice). Over time, the plan has been refined a bit, but ultimately there is now a detailed plan that helps me keep everything on track. It is not only fun to do this, but also very useful!"

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    Scale up your company

    This is how you can scale up your company.

    + Positioning & Portfolio

    Strategic positioning of your company is key. What do you want to be, for whom and in which market? And what is your big entrepreneurial dream? Choices you make here and now are the foundation for all your other strategic decisions!

    + Talent & Culture

    Having the right people is important from the start. Now comes the phase that you no longer personally recruite and know everyone. Distinctive ideas and actions for recruiting, retaining and developing staff are becoming key.

    + Organization & Processes

    You have to make choices how to structure your company to be ready for future growth. Tasks are further divided and responsibilities are delegated. Your personal leadership is entering a whole new phase.

    + Finance & Funding

    Growth costs money and many companies now enter a cash-negative phase. If you have determined your need for cash, the big question is how to fund it? A bank loan or a stock participation by an investor? Or …

    + Sales & Marketing

    New business opportunities are emerging at a rapid pace. Digital agencies are screaming for your attention. Growth hacking is hot. But what choices are effective for your product or service? And how can you succesfully respond to complicated public tenders?

    + Data & Digitization

    Data (the new gold) and digitization offer the chance to get a competitive advantage; either by efficiency and/or innovation. If you don't take any action, competition will do and win market share. You simply can't stay behind!

    Scale up your company by acquisitions.

    Growing autonomously is already quite a thing with many challenges, opportunities and an overflowing agenda. And yet at this stage you also need to consciously think about that other option for growth; to acquire or be acquired. Don't let takeovers come your way as a coincidence and don't let yourself be caught unawares by a party that wants to take you over. After all, there's a lot involved in selling your business. Define your growth strategy together with Your own Venture and think through the far-reaching changes that takeovers entail. This way you can proactively look for the right reinforcements and decisively respond to the competition.

    Discipline and perseverance.

    And, last but not least, growing a business is not easy. That was of course already clear to you from what we wrote earlier on this page. However, there is also the discipline and perseverance necessary for an entrepreneur. No matter how beautiful the theory is, in the harsh reality many things will go wrong and you will have many difficult moments as an entrepreneur. Then it comes down to perseverance and looking for alternatives. But even if you are spared major dramas, you will have to work hard every day in a disciplined manner and actually carry out planned actions. These personal characteristics of you as an entrepreneur are perhaps the most important for your future success!

    Accelerate your growth nów.

    Want to grow your business? Put the big questions on the table together with Your own Venture. So that your priorities and growth plans become clear and you can start implementing them at full speed. Arrange an appointment with us using the button below or call +31 85 060 6070

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