Strategy Builder

"Handy tools give your strategy a boost".

Does the strategy for your company still fit on the back of a beer mat? That is beautiful in itself! The more compact the easier it is to always have your strategy "top of mind" and to communicate it well to others. Don't put down the dynamics in your organization through bulky plans and complex processes!

Nevertheless, we recommend that you give your strategy just that little bit more structure:

  • StartUp: if you are still looking for the correct positioning of your company or if an investor asks for a detailed plan
  • ScaleUp: if more and more colleagues have to understand your vision or if you have to keep an overview of the rapid developments
  • Turnaround: if you need to write a complete and action oriented plan as soon as possible
  • Exit: if you have to show a streamlined and unambiguous story to all those parties that come into the picture at an Exit

Your own Venture has selected a number of online tools to establish, maintain and implement the strategy for your company quickly, compactly and in cooperation. With these tools and our help your OGSM and / or BMC come to life!

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