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Neem actie

Beaten up by setbacks? Without ideas after so many years of being an entrepreneur? Lifeless due to private concerns? We all have those moments; entrepreneurs are like people. And it’s okay for a while. Just taking a break is fine and can relieve yourself.

New inspiration

But then you have to continue. Gain new inspiration by sparring, reading and looking at others. Visit a befriended entrepreneur, immerse yourself in a completely different sector. Brainstorm with your colleagues. Participate in some (online) events. Get out of the daily hustle and bustle and take some time to observe and listen undisturbed. Do something completely different, something funny, that clears your mind. You can be sure that ideas will bubble up again. Ideas with which you could give your company a new impulse. Write them down in an action app. It doesn’t always have to be massive and compelling. Sometimes it is something very practical and small. But good for your company.

Everyday issues

Often beautiful ideas die in beauty. Because you immerse yourself in your daily routine again. Or because urgent matters are at play. Do you lack guts and are you not completely convinced whether it is feasible, what it will yield. You may mainly see bears on the road.

Then it is good that you have written down the ideas in an action app. Who knows, you will be open to it in a month. Then grab that action app again. Almost every entrepreneur I speak to, if he or she thinks carefully, still has a lot of ideas in mind. Ideas that have never been used. Take a look at the ideas you have collected over time. And make your choice. Do something!


By doing an action, positive energy is released again. A new reality often arises. With new opportunities, better prospects. Don’t let doubt hold you back too much. Sometimes you just have to try. See what the effect is. And be flexible enough to make adjustments where necessary.

Especially in commerce and sales, entrepreneurs are often surprised by the actions they take. One e-shot yields nothing at all, the other causes a smashing flood on your website. A B2B cup of coffee that you agree with an old acquaintance suddenly leads to a surprising lead. Something you could never have imagined or known beforehand. Purely because you get moving, because you do something, you now have this lead and or lot of traction on your website.

Entrepreneurs who are able to boost themselves and their team time and again, are able to continuously generate new ideas and convert them into action are the potential winners in their market. Of course they have to take the right actions and a lot will fail for them. But because of their high action rhythm, they greatly increase their chances and prevent them from ending up in a negative spiral.

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