A business coach keeps you on track

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Business coach

Your agenda is overcrowded and every free space is immediately filled with unexpected things that require your attention. At the end of the day, you constantly feel like you haven’t gotten around to doing the things you actually wanted to do. Let alone that you have had time to think calmly about the future of your company. How do you … Read More

Ode to entrepreneurs

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Time flies! Your own Venture has now been in action for 3 years and we have been able to help dozens of entrepreneurs. From strategic plan to companysale, from pivot to financing. Thank you for allowing us to contribute! These were special years full of turbulent developments in the market and society. We looked with respect to our clients who … Read More

Implementing strategy with OGSM

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Imagine the following. You are a driver of the Paris-Dakar rally. You are full of fire at the start. You are ambitious and you have one clear goal, which is to win! The different stages are your picket posts and determine how you stand in the meantime. These are important indicators for the course of the entire race. If you … Read More

Eat and be eaten

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Yes, you read that right: eat ánd be eaten. Not in every sector, It’s a ‘survival of the fittest’. Where you are almost forced to become ‘the biggest’. I know plenty of markets where similar companies can easily earn a good living side by side. Often led by hardworking entrepreneurs with a passion for their profession and product. Successful because … Read More

To plan or not to plan?

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Strategic plan for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are just like people. Often restless, enterprising and decisive. But sometimes also thoughtfully, systematically or very creatively. While one only wants to set up new initiatives, the other loves to structure and scale up. Team workers and loners; no entrepreneur is the same!. With all those characters and insights; how does the company create one strategic plan? And does … Read More

Do something!

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Beaten up by setbacks? Without ideas after so many years of being an entrepreneur? Lifeless due to private concerns? We all have those moments; entrepreneurs are like people. And it’s okay for a while. Just taking a break is fine and can relieve yourself. New inspiration But then you have to continue. Gain new inspiration by sparring, reading and looking … Read More

Stick to the strategy

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Unique strategy

An entrepreneur who sticks to his or her strategy. It sounds so nice and powerful from the (digital) soapbox: “stick to the strategy”. Is that still of this time? Organizations nowadays have to be agile. After each milestone you rethink the course. Implementing a strategy mainly involves testing and adjusting. Fast and short-cycle. Creativity, innovation and adoption are crucial. Enthusiasm … Read More

Accounting lessons from the entrepreneur

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Many entrepreneurs have a love-hate relationship with their financial administration. It’s just not their thing, they don’t have the patience for it, and it often feels redundant and bureaucratic. And yet, the right financial administration is also key for that entrepreneur! Intuition True entrepreneurs are always working on new ideas and growth. Often they know almost intuitively perfectly the financial … Read More


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“What does your company actually do?” How do your customers and future customers view your product or service? Do you know it? “That is clear, isn’t it?” You hear often. Or: “Just look at my website, it is all there”. Well, usually not. Lately I have come across many great companies, startups, scale-ups and grown-ups, with a crappy “Value Proposition”. … Read More

Financial planning in times of crisis

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Many entrepreneurs have gratefully tackled the government’s financial lifebuoy. All attention is focused on finding enough cash to survive now. At first glance you may seem to stay out of troubles. But is that really so? Financial support is temporary Wopke’s deep pockets are also empty at some point. Perhaps a second phase of support measures will follow. But once … Read More