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Your agenda is overcrowded and every free space is immediately filled with unexpected things that require your attention. At the end of the day, you constantly feel like you haven’t gotten around to doing the things you actually wanted to do. Let alone that you have had time to think calmly about the future of your company. How do you deal with this?

  • Make sure the strategy and focus of the company is clear. Not just for yourself, but for all employees. This prevents a lot of superfluous work and unnecessary discussions. Do remain enthusiastic about opportunities in the market or new ideas from employees. But don’t let this immediately occupy the agenda of yourself and others. Stick to the strategy!
  • Take a moment for yourself a few times a year to take a good look at how and in which activities you can mean the most for the company. As an entrepreneur and owner of the company, you often have the freedom to choose who does what in the company and which portfolios you continue to do yourself. Also ask yourself questions like: Are there others who can do this particular task better than me? do I enjoy this task? how urgent is this task? do I have enough time at all to do all my tasks well? Make sure it is very clear which responsibilities and authorities lie with whom in your organization!
  • Schedule time in your agenda regularly and well in advance to fully focus on the essential issues for you as an entrepreneur. You will see that these are often not urgent issues that necessarily require an answer tomorrow. The temptation is therefore great to give priority to another activity at the last minute. Do not do that. You need the peace and space to think creatively and spar about the things that really matter to you as the leader of your company. Don’t be led by the delusions of everyday life, clear your agenda and head for the things that really matter!

I can well imagine that you are now getting the feeling ‘can I muster that self-discipline?’ And, ‘My sense of responsibility for the day-to-day business and my drive to perform now are so great…’ Then find a sparring partner inside or outside your company and let that person continuously challenge you to keep doing the right things. Or dare to step away from the company for a few months. You will be surprised at how well the company continues to perform and others suddenly deliver achievements that you never looked for behind them. You come back refreshed after a few months and you suddenly see opportunities to divide the tasks in the company very differently.

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