Networking during Corona

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Many entrepreneurs find – whether during Corona or not – networking difficult.

However, networking is essential, especially right now. Why? Because by keeping in regular contact with your business associates and by showing genuine interest, you are able to keep the relationship alive.

Even in times when people tend to focus on other things. Networking is also about sharing, helping, informing and trusting each other. Of course, that business relation is not going to place large orders now. But later, if everything goes better then you should be the first one he/she contacts when he/she needs your product or service again.

Invest daily in a set time to keep in touch with relationships in your network. Also, invest in collecting information or tips that may be useful to them. Of course, it is currently difficult that you can’t enjoy a cup of coffee or a sandwich together. An app, phone call or video call is certainly appreciated. Stay in contact.

Of course, networking is not a one-way street either: showing genuine interest is great, but sharing relevant information also helps keep your network alive. By the way, don’t just think about business relations within your network. Also keep in touch with (former) colleagues, family, friends and others you could help. And – who knows – this will later deliver you a service in return.

Remember: Investing in your network is useful and valuable. Research has shown that long-term, sincere, loyal and relevant networks lead to much more turnover. Sometimes 2.5 times more than if you do not network. Please keep in mind that spending time on existing customers is often more productive than spending (too) much time on winning new customers.

Finally, always be more interested in your customer than trying to be of interest to him or her. Listening is always better, and of course: sharing relevant and valuable information.

Happy networking!

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